From my professional experience in my diverse professions, self esteem is a root to many problems that clients experience and many times when individuals are seeking help with problems or concerns that they do not know when to seek a therapist or specialist. As a specialist I do not diagnose, but identify problems for clients who are 'highly functioning', but suffering and a need a perspective. I identify problems that my clients are experiencing and move towards goals for highest levels of performance and life satisfactions; healthy functioning with the client in control. Whereas, a therapist provides diagnosis and seeks to heals wounds from the past that is currently interfering with a client's life functioning. Therefore, therapy brings clients from a dysfunctional place to a healthy functioning level with the therapist as expert and in control. There is a place for both methodologies. However, in my practice I do visit the client's past and present to obtain an understanding of my client's background and worldview which is important from a psychological,multicultural, and sociological perspective. Building a rapport and relationship is important to establish "trust" in the specialist and client relationship. In addition, I use a variety of innovative and creative techniques to include music therapy, art therapy, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and identifying schema . Currently, I'm studying a new multicultural methodology based on the Old Teachings from Africa and phototherapy. My goal is to help my clients transform to feel good about themselves and become confident and radiate positive self esteem to the world while living their best life!